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04/18 19:33

The best of Andy & April

Season 2 Episode Twenty-Summer Catalog 

04/18 15:49

I have a lot of uni work to do but I am procrastinating so hard.

I decided I NEEDED to eat some crisps so obviously my essay can wait because I can’t eat and type because that is unhygienic. 

04/18 14:03


the fastest word i can type is motherlode

04/18 13:48
04/17 21:51
04/17 20:44

Do you ever get like so happy that you want to be like “YES HELLO I AM HAPPY THIS IS WHY HERE ARE THE REASONS” but you also don’t want to in case people are like “aw my god will you pipe doon”

04/17 19:38



04/16 19:46

Brand New Brand New Brand New

04/15 14:54


A wee sunny selfie 🌞😁

Cute as f

04/15 13:56

Today is a big day for me because today i stopped taking my anti-depressants can I get a HELL YEEEAAHHHH

04/14 17:52

So so so scandalous

04/13 18:35